Ronit Roy, Actor


LOS ANGELES, (Diya TV): Apart from working in some great projects like ‘Udaan’, ‘Guddu Rangeela’, ‘2 States’ and a hit Hindi television series ‘Kasauti Zindagi Ki’ , Rohit Roy is all set to dazzle Hollywood screens with his upcoming project, “The Field”. The project is an Indian-American collaborative production featuring actors Radhika Apte and Vineet Singh.

In one of his interviews, Roy mentioned saying, “I play an elder brother in The Field. It’s a motley crew including Indian, British and American actors. I begin shooting in April. I can’t say much about the film right now, except that it is a period film portraying old Delhi and is being directed by an Indian director, Rohit Batra. But it has a very international flavour.”

Probably this would be Roy’s break through into Hollywood, but look’s like this was not his very first opportunity to act in Hollywood. Apparently, he turned down two big projects- ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ and an American series ‘Homeland’ before he saying yes to ‘The Field’. “In fact Sehar, who first cast me in ‘Homeland’ has now considered me in ‘The Field’ too and I regret turning down my previous projects,” he added.

“I regret turning down my previous projects” – Ronit RoyQuote Author

“Having said that,” he continues, “When I watched Zero Dark Thirty and saw the actor in it, I kind of thought that may be it’s for the best that I didn’t do it. In retrospect, I was not ready and wouldn’t have been able to justify that role as well as he did.”