JAMNAGAR, India (Diya TV) — Asia’s richest man, Mukesh Ambani, has invited a star-studded crowd to Jamnagar, India for his son’s wedding extravaganza. Anant Ambani’s festivities are set to unfold over three days and promise a lavish celebration that blends opulence with business ties.

The gala, commencing Friday in Jamnagar, Gujarat, will host a mix of luminaries, including tech moguls from Silicon Valley and business tycoons from Wall Street. Global icons such as Rihanna and illusionist David Blaine are slated to perform, with an elaborate spread boasting over 500 culinary delights.

Anant Ambani’s upcoming nuptials underscore Mukesh Ambani’s influence across various sectors of the Indian economy, with his conglomerate Reliance Industries Ltd. striking multibillion-dollar deals with international investors seeking entry into India’s vast consumer market.

Notable attendees include Meta Platforms Inc.’s Mark Zuckerberg, who’s been actively expanding Meta’s footprint in India, Microsoft Corp. Co-founder Bill Gates, known for his philanthropic endeavors in the country, and Alphabet Inc. CEO Sundar Pichai, who has been steering Google’s engagement with India’s burgeoning digital economy.

Additionally, Berkshire Hathaway Inc.’s Warren Buffett and BlackRock Inc.’s Larry Fink bring their hefty financial acumen to the festivities, underscoring the event’s significance in the global business community.

The pre-wedding bash coincides with Ambani’s recent mega-deal with Disney, where Reliance Industries merged its Indian media assets with Disney’s, creating a media colossus valued at $8.5 billion. This deal further cements Reliance’s dominance in India’s rapidly expanding entertainment market and underscores Ambani’s strategic vision for the conglomerate’s future growth trajectory.

With over 1,200 guests expected, including high-profile figures from over 20 countries, the pre-wedding bash signifies not just familial joy but also serves as a testament to Mukesh Ambani’s vision for succession planning within his empire. The event isn’t just about revelry; it carries undertones of philanthropy, with guests visiting Anant Ambani’s animal rescue and rehabilitation center, showcasing his family’s commitment to social causes.

As preparations unfold in Jamnagar’s 3,000-acre estate, the Ambani’s have planned a one of a kind experience for attendees, blending tradition with modern extravagance. With global elites converging in Jamnagar, the event marks a convergence of luxury, business, and social responsibility on a grand scale.

The extravaganza is estimated to cost millions, underscoring the immense wealth and influence wielded by the Ambani family. Mukesh Ambani, with an estimated net worth of $111 billion, ranks as Asia’s wealthiest individual.