REDMOND, Wash. (Diya TV) — In response to a surge in home burglaries, Redmond police are alerting residents and urging precautionary measures following a series of break-ins in recent months. The call for vigilance comes after a notable incident on October 17, where burglars targeted a residence in the Woodbridge neighborhood, breaking in through a sliding glass door between 7 and 8 p.m.

The perpetrators, dressed in dark clothing and hoodies, were captured on security footage carrying a large bag. Redmond PD has since responded to four similar burglaries in the Woodbridge area, raising concerns among residents and prompting law enforcement to issue a public warning.

Redmond police emphasized the importance of proactive safety measures. They recommend homeowners leave lights on when away to create the appearance of an occupied residence. Additionally, securing valuables in offsite safety deposit boxes or heavy-duty safes that can be bolted down is advised.

The recent wave of burglaries has left Redmond residents on edge. In December alone, two more homes were burglarized, with victims reporting the theft of valuable items, including passports and jewelry. The incidents have had a profound impact on the affected families, leaving them shaken and concerned for their safety.

One homeowner, Rajeev Rangappa, shared his harrowing experience of returning home to find his residence ransacked. Surveillance footage revealed thieves making off with a family safe, containing passports and irreplaceable valuables. Rangappa and others in the community suspect that these burglaries are targeted, particularly affecting members of the Indian American community.

Another victim, Neeru Goyal, shared her story of a similar break-in just days prior. Her Ring doorbell captured a suspicious individual dressed in black knocking persistently on her door. While the police have not confirmed if this individual is a suspect, residents are encouraged to report any helpful information to aid ongoing investigations.

Redmond police have urged the public to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity immediately by calling 911.