SAN FRANCISCO (Diya TV) — Residents of San Ramon’s Windemere neighborhood find themselves on edge following a series of unsettling events. Over the past month, four break-ins and a carjacking have rattled this usually serene community.

Jordan, a resident deeply troubled by the recent incidents, shared his concerns with Patch, expressing disbelief at the surge in criminal activity. “It’s unprecedented in this area,” he remarked, encapsulating the sentiments of many neighbors.

The pattern of the break-ins, as outlined in the San Ramon Police Department’s Weekly Incident Log, follows a disturbingly similar modus operandi. Perpetrators would ring doorbells, gain access to backyards through side gates, and force entry through rear doors. Video footage from one of the incidents on Craneford Way depicts a suspect, described as a Black man in a gray hoodie and green-blue head covering, purportedly armed.

Alden, another resident, recounted the unnerving sequence of events and listed the locations affected, emphasizing the urgency of the situation. The community’s concerns are compounded by the absence of concrete leads or suspects identified by the authorities.

In Pleasanton, a parallel narrative unfolds, with the police investigating a cluster of residential burglaries reported within a 24-hour period. Lieutenant Erik Silacci of the Pleasanton Police Department urged residents to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity promptly. The burglaries, characterized by similar entry methods, reflect a concerning trend observed in recent months.

The escalation of burglaries extends beyond San Ramon and Pleasanton, reaching neighboring towns like Atherton and Menlo Park. Atherton Police Department’s bulletin highlighted recent incidents, prompting heightened vigilance among residents.

As authorities intensify their efforts to address these security challenges, community involvement becomes paramount. Residents are urged to review surveillance footage and report any pertinent information to the respective law enforcement agencies.

The unsettling wave of burglaries serves as a wake-up call for these communities, emphasizing the need for enhanced security measures and vigilant neighborhood watch initiatives. In the face of adversity, solidarity and proactive engagement emerge as crucial pillars for safeguarding these neighborhoods.

In light of these developments, collaboration between law enforcement and residents becomes imperative to stem the tide of criminal activity and restore peace of mind to these affected communities. If you have any information related to these incidents, please contact the respective police departments promptly.