Rahul Gupta
Rahul Gupta

(Diya TV) — The murder case involving three Georgetown University students will be the subject of an upcoming edition of CBS’s “48 Hours.” On April 2, “What Happened in Apt. 1601” will air on CBS, investigating the matters of the murder of Mark Waugh, and Rahul Gupta, who has since been serving a life sentence for his murder.

The tale as we know it, tells the story of three bright students with even brighter futures ahead of them. After a returning from a night of barhopping, police responded to a gruesomely bloody scene, and found Waugh butchered in his apartment. The two survivors — Gupta and his girlfriend, Taylor Gould — originally told police they had no clue what had happened, or how the murder had taken place.

Dean Skiba, an officer among the first responders, described the grimly murder scene.“It’s like a horror movie,” he said, adding,“you could see it was up all over the wall, all over the ground.” Waugh had been stabbed to death.

Both were bloody and drunk, according to police, when Gupta confessed to the murder of Waugh. “I caught my buddy and my girl cheating,” Gupta told police. “I killed my buddy.” Gupta’s lawyer, Reginald Bours III, questioned the legitimacy of the confession because he says his client was unaware of any infidelity between his girlfriend and Waugh, or anyone else. Additionally, he said the statement makes no sense because Gupta, his girlfriend and Waugh were all inside the small studio apartment together.

“That did not happen. I have no idea how they got that or how they attribute him to saying that,” Bours said in an interview. “There’s got to be confusion on somebody’s part.”

After the alcohol wore off, Gupta then recanted his confession, saying he had no idea what had transpired. His girlfriend, the aforementioned Gould, relayed similar sentiments. “I don’t remember what happened,” she told police. “I told you everything I did remember.”

Police were dissatisfied with the change of heart from the couple, and didn’t believe the two could have completely forgotten in the events leading up to the death of their friend and roommate. “They could both remember up until a certain point, but the crucial 45 minutes nobody seems to remember anything,” detective Paula Hamill said.