KANSAS CITY (Diya TV) —  Prasanth Reddy, an oncologist from Johnson County, Kansas, announced he is seeking the Republican nomination to run against Democratic Representative Sharice Davids to represent Kansas’ 3rd district. In his campaign announcement, Reddy highlighted his life journey as an immigrant and Air Force Reserve officer, emphasizing his commitment to giving back to the country that offered him the American dream.

Originally from Chennai, India, Reddy immigrated to Kansas as a child and pursued education at Kansas State University and the University of Kansas Medical Center. He believes the U.S. is facing a critical moment, and is determined not to remain on the sidelines. In his launch statement, Reddy called for secure borders, support for the police, and parental involvement in education. He clarified he is not a traditional politician but believes that his unique experiences as an immigrant, military officer, physician, and businessman equip him to contribute significantly to the nation’s betterment. Reddy further asserted that extremist views should not be normalized.

Accusing Davids, the three-term incumbent, of aligning too closely with the most extreme elements of her party, Reddy pledged to take a different approach if elected. Davids, who consistently votes with Democratic leadership on most bills, is the vice chair of the New Democrat Coalition, a group of around 100 Democrats advocating for pro-economic growth, pro-innovation, and fiscally responsible policies.

The primary winner will face a challenging path in the district that Davids has increasingly won by larger margins in each election cycle since defeating Republican Rep. Kevin Yoder in 2018. The district encompasses Johnson County, southern Wyandotte County, and three more rural counties to the south.

Republicans see Davids’ district as a target in their efforts to maintain their narrow House majority in 2024. The National Republican Congressional Committee has been attempting to portray Davids as too liberal for the district, aiming to shatter her middle-of-the-road image that she has cultivated over the past five years. Democrats, on the other hand, plan to emphasize issues such as abortion and reminders of Brownback’s policies that have helped Davids succeed in her previous reelection fights.

In response, Mohona Chowdhury, a spokeswoman for Davids’ campaign, indicated that the congresswoman will hold Republicans accountable for their abortion positions and their votes on last year’s abortion ballot measure. The goal is to highlight any radical and out-of-step positions taken by Republican candidates.

Prasanth Reddy is the third candidate to enter the Republican primary in the 3rd congressional district, alongside Karen Crnkovich and Jonathon Westbrook. Crnkovich, a small businesswoman, has already received donations from 200 individuals since her launch last month, while Westbrook, a former Kansas City police officer, has a background as a White House fellow under former President Donald Trump and is currently serving as treasurer of the Kansas Black Republican Council. Prior to running for Congress, Sharice Davids was a White House fellow during the Obama administration.