SAN FRANCISCO (Diya TV) — After a successful tenure of approximately two and a half years as CEO, Ami Gan bids farewell to OnlyFans. The reins will now be handed over to Keily Blair, the Chief Strategy and Operations Officer, who will be taking on the role of CEO.

Gan expressed her gratitude in a Twitter thread, stating that her time at OnlyFans, the renowned creator platform supporting adult content, had been exceptionally rewarding. Under her leadership, the company paid out a staggering $10 billion to creators. PitchBook’s estimations also project OnlyFans’ revenue to reach $2.5 billion in 2022, with the company retaining 20% of payments to creators.

Despite its resounding success, being the CEO of OnlyFans comes with its challenges. Shifting credit card policies and global regulations have made it increasingly difficult for online sex workers to sustain their livelihoods. OnlyFans faced a major setback when, just before Gan assumed the position of CEO, it announced a ban on sexually explicit content, causing uproar among creators. Although the decision was eventually reversed, the memory of that crisis still lingers among creators who fear future deplatforming and its financial repercussions.

Gan assured that adult creators could expect to remain on OnlyFans in the coming years during a TechCrunch Disrupt interview. However, specifics about the platform’s revenue driven by adult creators were not disclosed by both Gan and Blair, as the company has been actively promoting its safe-for-work offerings like OFTV.

As she departs from OnlyFans, Gan has revealed her next venture: founding Hoxton Projects, a marketing company aimed at reimagining the agency paradigm to support business growth for founders. Gan’s background lies in marketing, having previously served as the Chief Marketing Officer of OnlyFans and leading communications efforts at companies like Cannabis Cafe, Red Bull, and Quest Nutrition.

The newly appointed CEO, Keily Blair, brings with her a career in data privacy law, which proves crucial for ensuring users’ confidence in the safety of their data. Matt Reeder will take over as CSOO, replacing Blair, and Sue Beeby will assume the role of OnlyFans’ Chief Communications Officer.

The transition to new leadership marks a significant moment for OnlyFans as it faces ongoing challenges while striving to maintain its position as a leading platform for creators worldwide.