NEW YORK CITY (Diya TV) — Police in New York have made an arrest in the brutal murder of an Indian American smoke shop owner. Authorities say 33 year old Kinshuk Patel was killed last year during a botched robbery by Yoel Atzmon who is believed to be homeless. Patel leaves behind a wife and two children.

India granted visas to more than 100 Afghan Sikhs and Hindus while dozens of applications are still pending. The move came immediately after a terror attack at a Sikh temple in the country, killing several people.

At least 84 people have died in landslides, lightning strikes, and flash floods across India and Bangladesh in the past week. Northeastern India and northern Bangladesh have been particularly badly hit by severe weather, which has prompted some of the worst flooding in the region in years and left some towns cut off.

Ravi Kapur contributed to this report.