South Florida middle schooler Nikhil Kumar.
South Florida middle schooler Nikhil Kumar.

MIAMI (Diya TV) — Nikhil Kumar, an eighth grader at Ransom Everglades School in Coconut Grove is an accomplished violinist in his class, but it’s at the chess board where he truly stands out.

Nikhil took home first place in the World Chess Championship last week in the Republic of Georgia, beating kids from 36 nations to win his age group. He draped an American flag over his shoulders as he accepted the first place medal and trophy.

“I really wasn’t expecting that from myself, but like when I won it was a good feeling,” he said afterward. “I was proud of myself, and happy to be representing the country, like in such a good way,” he added.

Classmates and teachers had wondered where Kumar actually was after being absent for several weeks from class.

“And he won, he brought home the gold,” said Head of School Rachel Rodriguez. “And I’m sure he’s as humble about his winning as he is every day on our campus.”

With that barely behind him, Kumar is eyeing his next challenge.

“Become the best in the world in any age, that’s my goal,” Nikhil said.