MINNEAPOLIS (Diya TV)  — America is now in its eighth day of protests over the death of George Floyd. To date, only one officer of the four involved is facing criminal charges. So thousands in cities around the nation continue protests to seek justice for Floyd. President Trump vowed to use the military if violence and looting isn’t stopped, with tear gas being deployed on peaceful protesters outside the White House. Meanwhile, celebrities and brands are taking to social media to show support for the Black community by blacking out images on their profiles.

President Trump invited India, Russia, South Korea and Australia to attend the G-7 summit, an offer accepted by Prime Minister Modi. The summit will take place in September in the U.S. and will entertain a host of issues, including whether China will be isolated for their role in the coronavirus pandemic, a tactic right now has lukewarm support.

Indian officials rejected President Trump’s claim that he spoke to Prime Minister Modi over the growing India-China border dispute. The officials say the conversation never took place and both China and India have made it clear they will arbitrate their own disputes.

Ravi Kapur contributed to this report.