The victim was shot outside the mosque near Bellaire, in Houston
The victim was shot outside the mosque near Bellaire, in Houston

HOUSTON (Diya TV) — Arslan Tajammul, a Muslim-American Houston doctor, was shot and stabbed while on the way to visit a nearby mosque for morning prayers on Sunday, according to a report from The IndependentHe is listed as in critical condition after being shot twice, the report said.

Tajammul was walking towards the Madrasah Islamiah mosque when three masked attackers approached him, stabbed him, and soon began firing at him. His attackers fled the scene immediately after the attack.

“It is very scary right now given the current political climate,” Mohammed Imaduddin, a spokesperson for the Madrasah Islamiah Masjid Noor mosque said.

It wasn’t the first incident of a Muslim being attacked in Houston, he added. Not even the first incident in a week’s time. The attack came just one day after a Muslim man was beaten up outside his mosque in Florida, the same mosque which Orlando Pulse nightclub attacker Omar Mateen attended.

“From what I hear, this is the third incident this week in the Houston area involving a Muslim getting shot. This is a community place, we have kids that come here, we have people young and old comes here.”

Tajammul managed to still make his way to the mosque, where other members received him and called for medical assistance. He will be required to remain in the hospital’s intensive care unit for at least 24 hours, police said. The attack, police said, came as the result of an attempted robbery. No evidence has been collected to suggest the matter was a hate crime, police added, but members of the mosque said nothing was stolen from Tajammul.

“These anti-Muslim attacks need to stop. Innocent people are getting hurt. This is what they want, Americans attacking fellow Americans,” Mufti Mohammed Wasim Khan, a Madrasah Islamiah official, told Al Jazeera.

Tajammul is expected to survive the attack, doctors said.