SAN FRANCISCO (Diya TV) — In a recent Spaces discussion on X, tech mogul Elon Musk expressed his concerns about the Western approach in the ongoing conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East. Musk likened sending Ukrainian soldiers into perilous situations against their Russian counterparts to a “meat grinder” and urged for an immediate ceasefire in Ukraine.

The conversation, hosted by venture capitalist David Sacks and featuring GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, initially focused on Israel and Hamas but quickly evolved into a broader debate on geopolitics. The consensus among these tech entrepreneurs was that Western sanctions played a pivotal role in pushing Russia closer to China.

Musk delivered a stark warning: “We are sleepwalking our way into World War III with one foolish decision after the other.” Drawing on his experiences dealing with defense and intelligence communities as SpaceX CEO, along with his meetings with world leaders, Musk highlighted the breakdown in communication channels between major powers. This lack of communication, he emphasized, creates an atmosphere of suspicion, where each side may believe the other is preparing for an attack.

Furthermore, Musk noted that Russia and China have initiated joint military exercises, a development that he believes many people might not be aware of. He cautioned that the world might be unknowingly heading towards a third world war due to a series of unwise decisions.

Musk also criticized the Western decision to impose extensive sanctions on Vladimir Putin, as it had unintended consequences, pushing Moscow to seek support from Beijing. He pointed out that this move left Russia and China as a potentially powerful alliance, with Russia providing raw materials and China possessing the industrial capacity, resulting in a significant military capability.

“Russia has the raw materials, and China has the industrial capacity: It’s frankly a perfect match from a war standpoint,” Musk stated.

The tech billionaire’s concerns aren’t limited to Ukraine. He believes that ongoing conflicts in the Middle East and Ukraine could escalate into World War III, posing a significant risk to global stability. Musk called for a shift in policy, emphasizing the need to prioritize avoiding a third world war over regional conflicts escalating into global crises.