LOS ANGELES (Diya TV) – Jag Bains, a 25-year-old truck company owner from Omak, Washington, became the first Indian American Sikh winner of “Big Brother.” Crowned champion of Season 25, Bains secured the $750,000 grand prize after a fierce competition that included breaking the record for the most Power of Veto wins in a single season.

Bains’ victory was not only groundbreaking for being the first Sikh-American winner but also for his exceptional gameplay, marked by seven Power of Veto wins, surpassing previous records. His aggressive final plea to the jury paid off, earning him 5 out of 7 votes, despite the harsh tone of his speech.

Competing against alliance member Matt Klotz and Australian DJ and barrister Bowie Jane Ball in the final two, Bains navigated the game strategically, forming alliances like the “Minutemen” and the “Mafia” to secure his path to the finale. Winning both the final Power of Veto and the final Head of Household competitions, Bains displayed his dominance in key moments.

Jag Bains’ victory is not only a personal milestone but also marks the third consecutive barrier-breaking win for “Big Brother.” In 2021, Xavier Prather became the first Black champion, followed by Taylor Hale, the first Black woman to win, in the previous season.

Reflecting on his win, Bains expressed gratitude for the support of his family and community, emphasizing the significance of his victory as the first Sikh contestant on the show. The season’s success highlights “Big Brother’s” ongoing efforts to address past controversies and increase diversity, with CBS pledging to have casts with 50% representation of Black, Indigenous, and people of color on unscripted series.