WASHINGTON (Diya TV) — A recent Pew survey has brought to light significant socioeconomic disparities within the Asian American community, revealing that Indian Americans have the lowest poverty rates among Asian groups in the United States. Contrary to common perceptions of Asian Americans as educationally and financially successful, the study indicates that approximately 10% of Asian Americans overall live below the poverty line.

The study, conducted in 2022, underscores the considerable variations in poverty rates across different origin groups within the Asian American community. While Burmese Americans and Hmong Americans experience the highest poverty rates, Filipino Americans and Indian Americans stand out with the lowest poverty rates.

One striking finding of the survey is that despite a significant proportion of Asian Americans living in poverty holding bachelor’s degrees, approximately one-third of them, attainment of higher education does not guarantee protection against poverty entirely. Moreover, immigrants constitute a substantial portion of Asian Americans living below the poverty line, with language proficiency posing additional challenges in accessing resources and opportunities.

Financial difficulties are prevalent among Asian Americans living in poverty, with nearly 8 out of 10 reporting such challenges in the past year. Despite these hardships, there exists a mixed sentiment regarding the American dream among Asian Americans, with some expressing optimism about achieving it while others believe it to be out of reach.