Peter Jacob
Peter Jacob

SAN FRANCISCO (Diya TV) — Peter Jacob, a Kerala-born man who is currently running for Congress in New Jersey, has been selected among the 60 candidates the former Democratic presidential candidate has selected to support.

New Jersey’s 7th Congressional District has a heavy Republican presence, however, Jacob’s campaign, which has accepted no donations from big businesses or corporations, has picked up steam in recent weeks. That momentum grew tenfold last week after Sanders attached his endorsement to Jacob’s camp.

With that endorsement, and the local community’s growing concern over an oil pipeline that was championed by incumbent Leonard Lance, the 31-year-old Jacob believes his odds of being elected are real.

The only thing prohibiting him for a more fierce attack right now is funding. A roadblock, as he put it.

“That is the only roadblock. We are funded by the people. Progressives from across the country contribute to us but fundraising is still a challenge,” he said. “It is picking up and our goal is to raise $50,0000 through the campaign season. We need people to support and contribute.”

Jacob obtained his Master’s in social work from Washington University in St. Louis. Immediately after college, he returned home to become a community organizer and developed a shelter program for the local homeless population by creating a coalition of churches, businesses, schools and hospitals to provide a roof and warm bed. He would later go on to develop another program to help people combat their mental health issues.

As a Congressman, Mr. Jacob hopes to promote India-U.S. cooperation in energy and climate change. “Our generation’s challenge is environmental sustainability and addressing climate change. India and U.S. can be leaders in this. Also on questions of global security, India and the U.S. have joint role to play,” he says.