WASHINGTON (Diya TV)  — An Indian-American family of five in Houston are all battling COVID-19, with their patriarch, 42 year old Rohan Bavadekar fighting for his life, placed on a ventilator. His wife and three young children are still at home, isolated and improving, receiving help from non-profit SEWA International. But they cannot make contact with Rohan at this time. So the family is asking anyone that has recovered from the illness to donate their plasma. With the right blood type, they’re hoping it’ll help boost Rohan’s odds of survival.

Members of Asian American Hotel Owners Association known as AAHOA are providing housing to help Indian students stranded in the US. With many students stuck without dorm rooms and no ability to go home because of border closures, these hoteliers have already pledged more than 2000 rooms.

The Center for Disease Control is advising all Americans to wear masks when in public, though preferably not the masks designed for health care workers since their risk for contracting COVID-19 is so much higher. They also want folks to continue social distancing and keeping your hands clean.

Ravi Kapur contributed to this report.