NEW DELHI (Diya TV) — Suchana Seth, CEO of Bengaluru-based artificial intelligence start-up Mindful AI Lab, has been arrested on suspicion of killing her 4-year-old son. The child’s lifeless body was discovered in her luggage as she returned from a trip to Goa. The arrest took place in Karnataka and police are actively investigating the motive behind this horrific incident.

Suchana Seth, 39, reportedly checked into an apartment in Goa with her son on January 6. Two days later, she checked out alone and requested a taxi to Bengaluru, disregarding suggestions to take a flight. Hotel staff, discovering blood stains in her apartment, promptly informed the police, leading to the grim discovery.

While the exact motive remains unclear, police revealed that during interrogation, Seth mentioned having strained relations with her husband, with divorce proceedings underway. The husband, Venkat Raman, was in Indonesia at the time but has been summoned for questioning.

Dr. Kumar Naik, an administrative officer at Hiriyur Taluk Hospital where the autopsy was conducted, indicated that the child may have been smothered to death with a cloth or pillow. Further investigation is underway, including a DNA test to verify if Seth attempted suicide.

Seth, described as an AI ethics expert and data scientist, was taken into custody in Chitradurga, Karnataka, and later remanded by a local court in Goa for six days during the ongoing investigation.

The incident unfolded as hotel staff noticed blood stains in the room, and subsequent inquiries revealed that Seth had checked in with her son but left the premises alone. Police contacted the taxi driver, diverting him to the nearest police station, where the tragic discovery was made.

The child, cremated in Bengaluru, was laid to rest by his father Venkat Raman. Seth’s estranged husband returned to India from Jakarta upon learning of the devastating news.

This disturbing case has sent shockwaves through India’s tech community.