NEW DELHI (Diya TV) — India’s Ambassador to the UN, Ruchira Kamboj, revealed the introduction of a groundbreaking database aimed at documenting crimes against peacekeepers during a recent high-level meeting of the India-led Group of Friends (GOF).

Launched in December 2022 during India’s presidency of the UN Security Council, the GOF, with co-chairs Bangladesh, Egypt, France, Morocco, and Nepal, aims to advocate for accountability concerning crimes against Blue Helmets.

The database, sponsored by India, is poised to enable thorough analysis and effective strategies to promote accountability, as stated by the Permanent Mission of India to the UN

Crafted as an online repository, it empowers the Secretariat, Missions, and member states to monitor and address instances of malicious acts against Peacekeepers.

This initiative follows External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar’s announcement in December 2022 after 32 UN peacekeepers, including two Indians, lost their lives in deliberate attacks that year.

The Minister emphasized that UN Peacekeeping has become increasingly challenging

The tragic deaths of Sanwalaram Vishnoi and Shishupal Singh, serving in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, underscored this challenge when violent protesters targeted their mission’s base in July 2022.

The GOF, consisting of 40 member states, convened for its second meeting to discuss strategies to bolster legal frameworks against perpetrators of malicious acts targeting Peacekeepers, with a focus on supporting measures for ensuring accountability.

During the meeting, Ambassador Kamboj highlighted the group’s progress over the past year, particularly in understanding challenges surrounding accountability and strengthening the rule of law within Mission areas.

She expressed confidence in leveraging these insights to enact impactful measures advancing accountability for crimes against Peacekeepers.

The GOF, launched by India in 2022, aims to promote accountability for crimes against the Blue Helmets during its presidency of the UN Security Council, with co-chairs comprising Bangladesh, Egypt, France, Morocco, and Nepal.

The recent meeting of the GOF delved into strategies to fortify legal frameworks against perpetrators of malicious acts targeting peacekeepers, alongside discussing practical approaches to assist host state rule of law institutions in prosecuting perpetrators and ensuring justice for peacekeepers.