BRIDGETOWN, Barbados (Diya TV) —

After 17 years, India finally captured the ICC T20 World Cup again, defeating South Africa. This year’s tournament had several storylines, perhaps the biggest of them being the USA’s magical run and stunning upset of powerhouse Pakistan. All the while, India was stacking up wins and chugging forward toward the title, beating the Cinderellas on the way there.

A few players on team India were reaching the end of their cricket careers and finally got a taste of the gold. One of those players was captain Rohit Sharma.

“Maybe in a couple hours it will sink in, but it’s a great feeling,” Sharma said right after the win. “To cross the line…it feels great for everyone.”

Legendary batsman Virat Kohli also played in his final T20 World Cup and brought home the trophy to complete an incredible resume. India’s head coach, Rahul Dravid, ended his three-year stint with India by becoming a champion, something he hadn’t achieved even as a player. 

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated the team and noted the impact they made on the community as a whole. 

In the field, you won the World Cup,” Modi said. “But in India’s villages, streets, and communities, you won the hearts of our compatriots.”

With the match coming down to the wire, SuryaKumar Yadav made not only the play of the match, but one of the best of the year. As the ball sailed towards the boundary for a potential six runs, Yadav caught the ball, threw it inbounds to keep it within the field of play, and snatched it once again. It was a sensational heads-up maneuver requiring much focus and coordination.

Had the six runs been scored, South Africa would have had essentially all the momentum it needed to win the match. India got the spark plug they needed, resulting in a World Cup. As far as the T20 World Cup goes, the same cast won’t be out there for the champs the next go-around and it’ll be on the next era to continue the legacy. But for now, India has staked its claim on top of the world after a long time without that feeling.