NEW YORK (Diya TV) — Dr. Ruth Gottesman, former professor and chair of Albert Einstein College of Medicine’s board of trustees, bestowed a monumental $1 billion donation to the institution, ensuring free tuition for all students henceforth.

The extraordinary donation, described as a “transformational gift,” stands as one of the largest contributions ever made to a U.S. university and notably the largest to a medical school, according to Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

Dr. Philip Ozuah, president and CEO of Montefiore Einstein, the organization encompassing Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Montefiore Health System, heralded the generosity of Dr. Gottesman and her late husband, David “Sandy” Gottesman, who passed away in 2022.

This landmark donation comes as a beacon of hope for medical students burdened by tuition fees, with Albert Einstein College of Medicine stating that all current fourth-year students will be refunded for their spring 2024 semester, while all future students will enjoy tuition-free education.

Tuition fees at the medical school exceed $63,000 per year, leaving many graduates saddled with over $200,000 in student debt, as per the institution’s records. With this unprecedented gift, financial barriers to medical education are dismantled, allowing aspiring doctors to pursue their careers unencumbered.

Dr. Gottesman’s deep-rooted connection to Albert Einstein College of Medicine spans over five decades, marked by her pioneering work in learning disabilities and her unwavering dedication to advancing medical education.

In expressing her gratitude for the privilege of making such a significant contribution, Dr. Gottesman acknowledged her late husband’s legacy and the profound impact their donation will have on future generations of medical professionals.

Dr. Yaron Tomer, the Marilyn and Stanley Katz dean at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, hailed the donation as a game-changer, emphasizing its potential to attract diverse talent and empower students to pursue their passions without financial constraints.

The donation, coupled with Dr. Gottesman’s tireless dedication to medical education, exemplifies a steadfast commitment to fostering inclusivity and excellence in healthcare.

As Albert Einstein College of Medicine prepares to usher in a new era of tuition-free education, Dr. Gottesman’s transformative gift stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of compassion and generosity in medical philanthropy.