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SAN FRANCISCO (Diya TV) — Less than two weeks after FullContact raised $25 million during a fresh round of funding, the company has targeted India-based startup Profoundis with its funds in an undisclosed deal.

The Denver-based company focuses on helping you manage relationships and contacts in a more orderly and intelligent fashion. With its latest round of funding, the company said the money would be used to fund acquisitions, however, few experts anticipated one arriving so quickly. The decision to buy Profoundis is further evidence that the startup game is staying strong in Kerala, a Southern state in India that is better known for tourism, greenery and beaches than tech.

Profoundis began operations in 2012, a company that offers an intelligence service it has named Vibe. The service sits in your email account and surfaces information about your contacts, similarly to that of Rapportive, the plug-in that was acquired by LinkedIn back in 2012.

Terms of the deal will see FullContact assume complete control of the 70 employees Profoundis currently carries, “most” of whom will remain working at the company’s India headquarters in Kochi. Aside from the integration of Vibe into FullContact’s products, the Profoundis team will work on bringing their “human-based data research” to other parts of FullContact’s business.

Key information to consider given the fact LinkedIn are close to completing their $26.2 billion acquisition from Microsoft. A union that will surely allow LinkedIn to rely heavily on the assets of their new parents, particularly in the enterprise space. This means smaller rivals, such as FullContact, will be required to focus on differentiation to avoid being bulldozed.

FullContact CEO Bart Lorang said the acquisition will serve the company in such a manner, adding that it will become FullContact’s India HQ and “scale to many thousands of staff over the next few years.”

“Becoming part of the FullContact team allows us to further execute on our mission globally, and together, our users will benefit by having more detailed information about their contacts, allowing them to be even more awesome with people,” added Profoundis CEO and co-founderArjun Pillai via a blog post.