SAN FRANCICO (Diya TV) – Supporters of former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan threw bricks at police who fought back with clubs and tear gas for a second day after officers tried to arrest the ousted premier for failing to appear in court on corruption charges. Violence was also reported between Khan’s supporters and police in other major cities, including Karachi and Islamabad.

Punjabi actor Aman Dhaliwal was attacked by a man brandishing a knife while he worked out at a gym in California. The entire assault was captured on camera. The attacker was tackled to the ground. The incident remains under investigation. It is currently unclear what led to the attack. Police have not yet revealed a motive.

Activists with the South Asian American Voter Empowerment of Texas Education Fund held their first ever Desi Day of action at the Texas state capitol, advocating for better schools, healthcare, voting rights, and religious freedom.

Ravi Kapur contributed to this report.