NEW JERSEY (Diya TV) — Federal authorities in New Jersey are accusing the highly influential Hindu organization BAPS of human trafficking and wage violations. The lawsuit says more than 200 workers – many who don’t speak or understand English – were coerced into signing employment agreements  to work at the Hindu temple, had their passports taken away, and forced to work for as little as $1.20 an hour. A spokesperson for BAPS is disputing the allegations.

As deadly clashes in Israel continue between Palestinians and Jews, an Indian woman is the latest victim caught in the cross fire. She’s being identified as 31 year old Soumya, killed during a rocket attack. Officials say she worked as a care giver in Israel for the past decade.   

And as expected, Sadiq Khan was re-elected Mayor of London. Khan, became the first Muslim to head a major Western capital after his victory in 2016. he’ll serve another three years in office.

Ravi Kapur contributed to this report.