NEW DELHI (Diya TV) — In response to directives from the Indian government, Elon Musk’s social media platform, X, announced on Thursday its decision to restrict certain accounts and posts originating from India. The move comes amidst regulatory pressures and potential penalties for non-compliance.

While expressing disagreement with the government’s orders, X emphasized the necessity of adhering to regulatory requirements to avoid severe consequences, including fines and imprisonment. The platform clarified that it would limit access to these accounts and posts exclusively within India, citing the importance of upholding freedom of expression while complying with local regulations.

Although X did not specify the targeted accounts, local media outlets linked the government’s actions to the ongoing farmers’ protests, a contentious issue sparking nationwide debates. 

The protests, primarily led by farmers from Punjab, have persisted since mid-February, demanding better crop prices as promised by authorities in 2021. Recent clashes between protesters and law enforcement near New Delhi escalated tensions, resulting in injuries and disruptions to the demonstrations.

India’s government and X have a history of disagreements, particularly regarding content moderation and compliance with regulatory directives. Earlier incidents involved disputes over handling criticism of government actions during farmer protests and adherence to new IT regulations.

Despite assertions from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s administration denying allegations of coercion, the platform’s interactions with Indian authorities have been contentious. Transparency concerns have emerged regarding the lack of disclosure surrounding executive orders and their impact on user accounts.

In response to the restrictions, Indian users voiced their frustrations on X, expressing discontent with perceived limitations on freedom of expression. Debates continue regarding the balance between safeguarding public order and preserving fundamental rights in the digital realm.