LONDON (Diya TV) — Celebrating the 20th annual Ahimsa Day, Dr. Jasvant Modi, a retired gastroenterologist and philanthropist from Los Angeles, California, was honored with the 2023 Annual Ahimsa Award for his exemplary contributions to promoting Jainism worldwide.

Dr. Modi’s commitment to Jainism was further solidified during the anniversary festivities, as he pledged a substantial $30,000 to support research by postgraduate students at the University of Birmingham. This generous donation was part of a larger contribution of $1.5 million made during the celebrations.

In addition to his financial support, Dr. Modi also donated $10,000 as a patron to the Institute of Jainology (IOJ). This contribution facilitated the relocation of a collection of valuable books and manuscripts from the late Jain scholar, Paul Dundas, to the University of Birmingham, enriching its resources for students and researchers.

The anniversary event was marked by significant milestones, including the launch of the Bhagwan Dharmanath Chair in Jain Studies at the University of Birmingham. This initiative underscores the growing recognition and integration of Jainism into academic discourse.

Reflecting on the honor, Dr. Modi expressed his gratitude, stating, “It is an honor to participate in a celebration of Ahimsa Day and the perpetuation of Jainism in institutions of higher learning. My commitment to spreading the message and tenets of Jainism remains unwavering, and I believe in the transformational impact of our efforts.”

Born in Gujarat, India, in 1951, Dr. Jasvant Modi pursued his medical education at B.J. Medical College before completing his residency in gastroenterology in Chicago, Illinois. Immigrating to the United States in 1975, Dr. Modi dedicated himself to both his medical career and philanthropic endeavors.

Together with his wife, Meera, Dr. Modi has been actively involved in promoting Jainism through educational and medical initiatives in both the United States and India. Their dedication is exemplified by the establishment and development of four small hospitals, which have become integral pillars of support within their respective communities.

Dr. Modi’s significant contributions and unwavering support make him an invaluable partner to the University of Birmingham’s Jainism Studies and Research program, furthering the global dissemination of Jain values and teachings.