SAN FRANCISCO (Diya TV) — India’s Supreme Court has convicted Sasikala Natarajan — the head of the ruling party in Tamil Nadu — of corruption, effectively bringing to an end her efforts to assume the duties as the state’s Chief Minister after the death of her close friend and mentor, Jayalalithaa Jayaram.

Despite the fact Natarajan has never held public office in the country, the ruling AIADMK party said last week that she would be the southern state’s next chief minister.’

The situation grew complicated after the acting chief minister revolted against her. According to Indian law, any individual convicted of corruption charges may not hold public office for at least six years after completing their jail sentence. Tuesday’s ruling against Natarajan saw her receive a four-year prison sentence, meaning she will not be able to run for office for a full decade.

The case, which dates back to 1996, centered on accusations that Natarajan held assets that were not reported on her income. Jayaram had previously been accused with the same crime. Natarajan’s case was tried in the neighboring state of Karnataka, defendants in the case were convicted in 2014, but were later acquitted in an appeals court.

That decision has been reversed by India’s Supreme Court.

Jayaram, one of India’s most beloved and colorful politicians, died in December, before the final verdict was reached.

The Supreme Court ordered Natarajan to surrender herself immediately to authorities in Karnataka, where she will serve her four-year prison term. Just days ago, she was claiming the support of a majority of Tamil Nadu’s lawmakers to become chief minister. Natarajan locked herself in a room with more than 100 of India’s legislators, whipping together votes to support her confirmation for the position. Indian media reports indicate police have since entered the resort where her and the legislators had been staying to execute the arrest.

Acting Chief Minister O Panneerselvam, who claimed he was pressured to step out of Natarajan’s way, will now likely stake a legitimate claim to the post. Images captured in Chennai in the hours after the verdict showed Panneerselvam supporters celebrating in the streets.