OTTAWA (Diya TV) – Arif Virani, Canada’s new justice minister, is pledging swift action on judicial vacancies. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appointed Virani to strengthen the Liberal benches amid rising crime concerns, an issue the Opposition Conservatives emphasize.

Statistics Canada reported a rise in violent crime last year, possibly linked to pandemic-induced lockdowns and reduced overall crime.

Virani, whose family has Indian roots, but was born in Uganda, also faces the challenge of 81 vacant federally appointed judicial positions causing court delays.

He advocates a fresh approach, giving clear instructions for efficient action without compromising quality. Virani aims to encourage diverse lawyers to apply for judicial roles, promoting better representation.

Drawing from the success of resettling Syrian refugees, he plans to streamline processes and foster collaboration between his office and the Prime Minister’s Office.

When Parliament resumes, Virani will prioritize guiding Bill C-48 through the House of Commons. The legislation toughens access to bail for those accused of certain violent offenses, addressing public safety concerns raised by premiers and police chiefs.

With Virani’s determination and fresh perspective, Canada aims to address judicial vacancies and crime challenges effectively and responsibly.