SACRAMENTO (Diya TV) — California’s first Indian American legislator, Ash Kalra (D-San José), was appointed as the Chair of the Assembly Committee on Judiciary by Speaker Robert Rivas (D-Salinas). Kalra has a law degree from Georgetown University and served as a Deputy Public Defender for Santa Clara County for 11 years.

In a statement, Kalra said, “At a time when California must be vigilant in protecting civil rights, fostering a just legal system, and ensuring everyday consumers are protected, it is an honor to serve as Chair of the Judiciary Committee. Having served on this committee for the past seven years under Chairs Stone and Maienschein, I am grateful for their leadership and ready to hit the ground running.”

Speaker Rivas expressed confidence in Kalra’s ability to uphold justice, saying, “The justice system is foundational to keeping Californians safe and holding offenders accountable. I’m confident Assemblymember Kalra will fight for the rights of the people who matter most, while ensuring the system itself is just.”

The Assembly Committee on Judiciary holds sway over crucial legal matters, including family law, product liability, tort liability, Civil Code, and Evidence Code (excluding criminal procedure). Kalra, who previously chaired the Assembly Labor and Employment Committee for five years, is well-versed in legislative processes and has a track record of promoting secure and peaceful communities.

Kalra has dedicated his tenure in public service to equity and social justice issues. His legislative achievements include successful bills aimed at protecting and preserving civil rights and civil liberties.

Elected in 2016 and re-elected for a fourth term in 2022, Kalra is not only the Chair of the Judiciary Committee but also serves on committees for labor and employment, housing and community development, transportation, and water, parks, and wildlife. His experience also includes eight years on the San José City Council.

In addition to his legislative commitments in Sacramento, Kalra is gearing up for re-election in Assembly District 25 this March.