SACRAMENTO (Diya TV) — The California Democratic Party is now adding caste as a protected category to its Code of Conduct. Advocacy group Equality Labs says it will ensure civil rights protections and give caste discrimination the serious attention it deserves. The state’s Democratic party says caste must be protected like gender identity and sexual orientation and hopes other state parties follow.

 Thousands of summer tourists are fleeing California’s Lake Tahoe resort community because of an approaching wildfire that’s already burned thousands of acres of land.  The threat is so widespread that the U.S. Forest Service announced that all national forests in California would be closed until Sept. 17.

More than a million people are now without power in Louisiana after hurricane Ida made landfall. Officials say so far five people have died. The region is now dealing with a massive heatwave and power outages that could last for week.

Ravi Kapur contributed to this report.