DETROIT (Diya TV)  — After months of campaigning and scores of candidates and it appears the Democratic Party is finally coalescing behind one man — Joe Biden. The former Vice President won at least three states, including delegate-rich Michigan, a state that was vitally important for Senator Bernie Sanders — a state he won four years ago against Hillary Clinton. This time out, Biden’s appeal to the black community and non-college educated white men are significant pieces in his bid to unite the Democratic Party.

Baba Punjab Singh, a Sikh spiritual leader who was partially paralyzed after being shot during the 2012 Oak Creek Sikh Temple shooting, has died. He was 72. Singh spent most of the last few years of his life in a coma, but was known for being a kind and devout man who spent 19 years serving in the Indian army.

And Silicon Valley Congressman Ro Khanna introduced legislation to have the Department of State add a third gender to U.S. passports.

Ravi Kapur contributed to this report.