Shah Rukh Khan will play host to the Indian Academy Awards from July 7-9 in the Bay Area.

SAN FRANCISCO (Diya TV) — Brainstorm Media has begun organizing July’s Indian Academy Awards ceremony, slated to be held in the Bay Area and hosted by Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan.

“From exchanging cultures to building bridges for tourism, engaging cinema lovers to creating a platform to identify potential talent for the Indian film industry, the IAA, is a real time celebration for cinema lovers, by cinema lovers and of cinema lovers across the world,” Vandana Krishna, the national head and co-founder of Brainstorm Media, said in a news release.

Khan will host the two-day extravaganza, which will feature live performances that will include some of the biggest stars from Bollywood, South Indian cinema and Hollywood. The event will be managed by one of Asia’s largest production companies, Cineyug and choreographed by Shiamak Davar along with music and fashion shows.

“As an initiative of the Indian Academy Awards, we wanted to share the success stories of real women with the world, to encourage all the nonresidents of India,” Krishna said. “True stories of women entrepreneurs are an inspiration to change the world. Today’s women are making the difference with their innovative ideas, seeking solutions and reclaiming their status as equals. We want to create a platform to honor these women and to share their success with the world.”

The Indian Academy Awards expect to host 40,000 people as part of the multi-day event.