WASHINGTON (Diya TV) – President Biden signed an executive order on artificial intelligence (AI), ushering in a new era of AI regulation. The executive order focuses on establishing stringent standards for security and privacy protections, along with mandatory safety testing for emerging AI models. Biden emphasized the need of governing this rapidly evolving technology, given its burgeoning practical applications and increasing public use.

This executive order’s far-reaching implications affect companies developing powerful AI tools, potentially posing threats to national security. Major industry players like Microsoft, Amazon, and Google will now be required to conduct safety tests on their new AI models and submit the results to the government before releasing them to the public.

To combat the proliferation of AI-generated “deepfakes” – deceptive audio or image content – the Commerce Department will develop standards for watermarking AI-generated content. This initiative aims to help individuals distinguish between authentic and manipulated content, as AI devices are increasingly used to deceive people.

Biden’s directive is designed to leverage the US government’s prominent role as a top customer for big tech companies. Technology with potential national, economic, and health security risks will be rigorously vetted. This approach covers various sectors, with the Department of Energy responsible for ensuring AI systems do not pose chemical, biological, or nuclear risks. The Departments of Defense and Homeland Security will develop cybersecurity protections to enhance the safety of computer systems and critical infrastructure.

The order also promotes congressional action, as President Biden plans to meet with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and lawmakers from both parties to discuss AI and privacy legislation. Schumer has advocated for substantial funding, urging the US to allocate at least $32 billion for AI research and development.

This executive order builds on voluntary commitments made by over a dozen companies over the summer at the White House’s request and introduces the concept of an “AI Bill of Rights” – a guide for the responsible development and use of AI. It sends a clear message that AI used by the United States government will prioritize responsibility.

The order not only addresses security and privacy concerns but also tackles algorithmic bias, safeguarding Americans from discrimination in housing, government benefits programs, and federal contracts. It instructs the Justice Department to establish best practices for investigating and prosecuting civil rights violations related to AI, including in the criminal justice system.

Furthermore, the order encourages immigration officials to reduce visa requirements for overseas talent seeking to work at American AI companies, fostering international collaboration and talent exchange.