WASHINGTON (Diya TV) — Amidst efforts to bolster ties with India, US President Joe Biden’s administration is prioritizing closer engagement with New Delhi in the Indo-Pacific region, aimed at counter-balancing China’s influence. A senior White House official announced that US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan will visit India next week to discuss bilateral relations and advancements in technology cooperation.

The US sees its collaboration with India as pivotal to its broader Indo-Pacific strategy, emphasizing stability and cooperation in the region. The administration views India as a key player in shaping regional dynamics and addressing common challenges.

President Biden has expressed pride in fostering stronger relations with India, highlighting increased collaboration in areas such as security, intelligence, technology, and people-to-people exchanges. This sentiment underscores a qualitative transformation in the US-India relationship, which is now characterized by enhanced cooperation and mutual understanding.

Despite past uncertainties, both countries have shed ambivalence and embraced the promise of a robust partnership. Leaders on both sides recognize the potential of this relationship, supported by an activist diaspora community and forward-thinking firms that acknowledge India’s significance on the global stage.

The upcoming visit of National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan signals the administration’s commitment to deepening ties with India. Discussions will encompass various aspects of bilateral cooperation, including the annual review of critical and emerging technologies.

Additionally, senior officials from both nations will convene to review initiatives aimed at fostering defense industrial cooperation and innovation. These engagements underscore the comprehensive nature of US-India collaboration across multiple sectors.

Amidst geopolitical shifts and evolving regional dynamics, the US remains steadfast in its commitment to strengthening ties with India. The Biden administration views this partnership as central to its global strategy and anticipates its continued growth and significance in the years to come.