WASHINGTON (Diya TV) — Rina Shah, a Republican strategist and campaign spokeswoman for the conservative Independent Party candidate Evan McMullin, took a racist voicemail she received and turned it into an anti-Trump ad.

Shah received a voicemail from a man identifying himself only as Alan. In the voicemail, Alan – later identified as Alan Pryce by BuzzFeed – called Shah a “slut.”

“You frothing…piece of **Islamic dog,” said Pryce. “Vote for the pathological lying criminal…, and get out of our country. While you’re at it, go back and get f**ked by your dirt-bag Islamic terror scum friends.”

“This is not the first such phone call I’ve received,” Shah said — she’s received hundreds of such messages after declaring herself a non-supporter of Republican nominee Donald Trump. The McMullin campaign ran Pryce’s message in full, concluding: “Alan is a preview of Donald Trump’s America. We can do better.”

You can see the ad in its entirety below:


Shah said she was delighted that the McMullin campaign has made Pryce’s voicemail public. “It is the worst voicemail I have ever received. It is pure hate, and clearly not just a one-off.”

“It’s been a tough year that has left me shocked, unnerved and fearing for my physical safety,” said the political strategist, adding while she does not believe Trump is behind the attacks, “the far right white supremacists have not been repudiated by him and they feel emboldened to continue.”

The message landed in her mailbox after Shah appeared on a Sept. 16 broadcast on Fox News, where she reiterated her support for McMullin, a former CIA agent with a broad knowledge of international affairs, according to his campaign. But the campaign strategist’s troubles began in April, after she appeared on Fox News and stated – as a long-time supporter of the Republican Party – she could not bring herself to vote for Trump, and would consider voting for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

You can see the appearance below:

After her April appearance, Shah began receiving e-mails and voicemails, calling her a traitor and various derogatory expletives for women, she said. A YouTube broadcast of her Fox News appearance elicited hundreds of racist comments, most prominently labeling her a Muslim.

“There is nothing out there that would indicate I am a Muslim,” said Shah, who was born in West Virginia.

Shah, founder of Washington, DC-based RiLax Strategies, a political consulting firm, was earlier denied access as a delegate to the Republican National Convention – though she had been elected as a delegate – after Breitbart News revealed that she and her husband live in Reston, Virginia, not DC.

Pryce told BuzzFeed he stood by every word of his phone call to Shah. “Clearly, she’s an anti-American supporter of a pathological lying criminal. Anyone who supports [Hillary Clinton], either actively or tacitly, is anti-American scum in my mind,” he told the website.

Prior to launching Rilax Strategies, Shah served as a senior staffer to two members of Congress. She currently serves as an advisor to VoteRunLead, and as an inaugural member of the House Republican Conference’s Indian American Advisory Council.