Profile Of Chairman UB Group And Kingfisher Airlines Vijay Mallya

SAN FRANCISCO (Diya TV) — The Twitter account belonging to the embattled Vijay Mallya was allegedly hacked Friday by a group called “The Legion,” who posted the mogul’s asset and bank account information, his account passwords and his London address.

Mallya has retaken control of the account, and the tweets have since been deleted.

The businessman is being investigated in his home country of India over alleged money laundering. Mallya has been in the United Kingdom since March, where he arrived after what some have referred to as fleeing India, who have revoked his passport and asked that he be deported. That request came after an Indian court issued a warrant for Mallya’s arrest.

The information revealed in the tweets was astounding — a list of exotic luxury sports cars, as well as a photograph of what appeared to be a residency permit of “unlimited” duration.

The Legion said this was just the first series of tweets, meant to serve as a “trailer.” More information would be released soon, the group added.



Mallya made his fortune selling beer under the Kingfisher brand and branched out into aviation, Formula 1 racing, and Indian cricket. The flamboyant businessman incurred large debts when Kingfisher airlines failed in 2013 and he is being pursued by a group of mainly state-run banks who lent him money.

He is alleged to have repeatedly failed to appear before investigators in India over financial irregularities at the airline. He has denied fleeing India, saying he is travelling on business. He has also claimed he is the victim of a “media witch hunt.”