SANTA CLARA, Calif. (Diya TV) — During a recent interview with Axios, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan repeatedly refused to acknowledge China’s repression of Uyghur Muslims. 

Instead, he pointed to Beijing’s denials of the crackdown, even though there is mounting evidence of detention camps and testimonials. Khan would also rather have the world focus on the longstanding dispute his nation has had with India over Kashmir.

During World Refugee Day, Britain’s Parliament paid tribute to Kashmiri Hindu Pandits, who remain refugees in India after being forced out of their ancestral homes by Muslim successionists. The Government of India is also being urged to fully acknowledge this genocide and deliver justice for the victims.

And one of India’s greatest athletes, Milkha Singh, has died from COVID-19 complications. He was 91. Singh’s life story was incredible. A partition survivor who was orphaned after his parents and seven siblings were slain amid the conflict, Singh joined the Indian Army, learned of his athletic prowess, and went on to win four Asian gold medals and finished fourth in the 400 meter final at the 1960 Rome Olympics.

Ravi Kapur contributed to this report.