NEW JERSEY (Diya TV) — Tammy Murphy, New Jersey’s first lady and Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate, has announced the suspension of her campaign, creating a significant shift in the state’s political landscape. This move paves the way for South Jersey Congressman Andy Kim to emerge as the leading contender in the Democratic primary.

Murphy’s decision to withdraw from the race comes after facing mounting challenges and the prospect of engaging in a divisive and negative campaign. She made the announcement via social media platform X, emphasizing her reluctance to contribute to further polarization in the political arena.

Her departure marks a strategic shift in the race, as Kim, who had been challenging New Jersey’s county-line ballot system, now stands poised to secure the Democratic nomination. His efforts to challenge the status quo received a significant boost with Murphy’s exit, positioning him as the frontrunner in the primary.

Kim’s campaign had gained momentum as he garnered endorsements from several New Jersey House Democrats, signaling a departure from the traditional political establishment that had initially backed Murphy. With this shift, Kim is the favored candidate to represent the Democratic Party in the Senate race.

The withdrawal of Murphy, who had secured endorsements from key figures in New Jersey’s Democratic Party, including local party bosses and congressional leaders, marks a significant turning point in the race. It underscores Kim’s ability to rally support and galvanize voters around his platform, which prioritizes accountability and reform.

As the primary race continues to unfold, Kim’s dominance in the Democratic field becomes increasingly apparent. 

The Senate seat currently held by Sen. Bob Menendez, who is likely to run as an independent after being embroiled in scandal.