WASHINGTON D.C. (Diya TV) – Bombshell allegations being made by former US State Department senior diplomat Mike Benz. He claims biased elements in the US foreign policy establishment waged a campaign against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP in the run up to India’s 2019 general elections. Benz says despite Modi sharing excellent relations with then US President Donald Trump, forces within the State Department along with influential social media tech giants and think tanks were collaborating on a misinformation campaign to undercut Modi.  These allegations were published in The Sunday Guardian so far no one with the US State Department has commented on these claims.

In Arizona, 40 illegal immigrants reportedly crossed into Yuma this week. Migrants from India, Peru and China were seen waiting in line for screenings. The US is putting new restrictions in place at the southern border to try and stop people from crossing illegally and instead encourage them to file for asylum.

Indian American attorney Neil Makhija has won the Democratic nomination for Montgomery County Commissioner in Philadelphia.

Ravi Kapur contributed to this report.