PHILADELPHIA (Diya TV) — In a surprising move, the Philadelphia Eagles have replaced Sean Desai with Matt Patricia as the new defensive play-caller. Desai, the first Indian American defensive coordinator in NFL history, will remain with the team in a different role. Patricia, a former New England Patriots assistant coach, steps into the position. This unexpected change comes amidst the Eagles’ recent defensive struggles, particularly in their last few games, where they faced blowout losses and a concerning decline in performance.

Matt Patricia, known for his defensive expertise, previously served as the Patriots’ defensive coordinator from 2012 to 2017 and contributed to two Super Bowl victories. However, his recent stint with the Patriots in 2022, focusing on offensive plays and coaching the offensive line, was deemed disastrous. Despite this setback, Patricia remains recognized as one of the league’s top defensive minds.

The Eagles, with a 10-3 record, are still considered contenders for the Super Bowl, and the decision to bring in Patricia suggests a strategic effort to address defensive challenges. The move positions Patricia to make critical play calls for the defense, utilizing his experience in high-stakes situations.

This last-minute staff shuffle raises eyebrows, signaling a sense of urgency within the Eagles organization to bolster their defensive performance. The team’s defensive struggles, particularly in recent losses, prompted this surprising change, emphasizing the importance of solidifying their defense as they pursue a deep playoff run.

Monday Night Football against the Seattle Seahawks will mark Patricia’s debut as the defensive play-caller for the Eagles, adding an extra layer of intrigue to a pivotal game for both teams.