SACRAMENTO, Calif. (Diya TV) —Hoping to capitalize on and embrace a Global market, the Sacramento Kings announced new jerseys, court emblems and decor that honors India and China.

Believed to be the first major sports franchise to include Hindu letters in any attire or decor, part of the Kings alternative court design for the 2017-18 season “reflects the design elements of the team’s global marks, including new logos specific to India and China.”

A team press release says, “as part of the franchise’s mission, the team strives to make basketball the premier sport of the 21st century beyond traditional borders.”

The team will use the customizable floor through the season when wearing the Global Uniform at home, geared at creating an “authentic connection with emerging international basketball audiences, from the court up through jerseys, apparel and more.”

During the team’s biggest global celebrations, Bollywood and Lunar New Year theme nights, interchangeable panels featuring a new regional logo – a Kings crown featuring the team’s name in Hindi or Mandarin – will be added to the floor. The Kings will also use these marks, in addition to the primary logo in future India and China endeavors.

For other games, the team’s global crest – a heralding lion, a symbol of leadership and strength recognized around the world – will remain at center court. The granite “S”, inspired by the city’s flag showing the inseparable link between the community and team, will wrap around the floor along the apron.

Bay Area software tycoon, Indian-American Vivek Ranadive is co-owner and chairman of the Kings. Prior to that, he was co-owner and vice chairman of the Golden State Warriors.