WASHINGTON D.C. (Diya TV) – According to the outlet US News, sources say India was able to repel a Chinese military incursion in contested border territory in the high Himalayas late last year due to unprecedented intelligence-sharing with the U.S. military. It caught China off-guard, enraged Beijing and appears to have forced the Chinese Communist Party to reconsider its approach to land grabs along its borders.

President Joe Biden announced his intent to nominate Indian American Nisha Desai Biswal  for Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the United States International Development Finance Corporation.

Starbucks’ chief executive, Howard Schultz, is ending his third stint as head of the coffee chain early as he faces growing scrutiny over the company’s labor practices. The new CEO, Indian American Laxman Narasimhan, was slated to take over on April 1st.  Narasimhan has not spoken publicly on his stance on unionization within the company, though experts have said that it is unlikely the company will be changing course.

Ravi Kapur contributed to this report.