Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan says the captured Indian Air Force pilot, Abhinandan Varthaman, will be released to India as a “peace gesture.” This development comes a day after both nations claimed to have shot down each others fighter jets, with Pakistan closing its airspace to travelers.

Meanwhile, the Indian Air Force, Army and Navy showed evidence Pakistan breached Indian air space and used F-16’s in a strike against an Indian army compound, a claim Pakistan denies.

President Trump says the U.S. has been talking to both sides to reach an accord and Russia is also ready to mediate.

In Hanoi, President Trump said he walked away from a nuclear deal at his summit with Kim Jong Un because of unacceptable demands from the North Korean leader to lift U.S.-led sanctions. Trump added that Kim promised he will no longer conduct nuclear tests.

Israel’s Attorney General indicted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on three counts including bribery and fraud. It’s the first time ever an Israeli Prime Minister has been indicted.

Ravi Kapur & Alejandro Quintana contributed to this report.