LOS ANGELES (Diya TV) — In a recent social media spat, controversial figure Andrew Tate found himself in a heated exchange with Indian-American doctor Kirti Patel after she took a dig at his physique. The online feud ignited when Tate posted a shirtless photo on X, declaring, “I don’t sleep with vaccinated women.”

Dr. Patel, a gynecologist and medical influencer, responded by suggesting that Tate’s muscular body might only appeal to gay men. She candidly shared her personal choice of turning down dates with what she referred to as ‘gym bros’ with ripped abs, expressing her belief that such body types conveyed aggression and narcissism, sentiments she believed other women shared.

Tate, not one to back down, retaliated by mocking Patel’s appearance and humorously stating, “I’m super disappointed that I’m not attractive to you, Kirti. I was only trying to make my arms as big as your nose.”

This exchange escalated into a full-blown online feud, with Tate sharing more pictures of Patel and coining the term “Kirtius” to mock her. He went on to use derogatory language, referring to her as a “nose guardian,” sparking criticism for his disrespectful remarks.

Amidst this social media drama, it’s crucial to note that Tate, known for promoting an ultra-masculine lifestyle and expressing misogynistic views, is currently awaiting trial on human trafficking charges in Romania. Indicted in June 2023 alongside his brother Tristan, the duo faces serious allegations of human trafficking, rape, and forming a criminal gang to exploit women sexually – allegations vehemently denied by both.

This feud has once again shone a spotlight on Tate’s controversial views and legal troubles, raising questions about the impact of his influence on young men who idolize him. As the online clash continues, it remains to be seen how it might further impact Tate’s public image and the ongoing debate surrounding his persona.