CHENNAI, (DIYA TV) Tamil movie star turned politician, Jayalalithaa is as popular as ever. Nick-named “Amma,” meaning “mother,” this administrator has seen incredible success in both the political arena, and the silver screen.


Chief Minister M.G. Ramachandra acted as a mentor for Jayalalitha until his passing. Soon after his passing, the party appointed her as Chief Minister in 1987. Since then, her political career has taken full flight. Five electoral wins later, Jayalalitha continues to serve as Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.

Things were not always rosy for the film star turned politician. In 2014, she found herself in legal hot water for owning disproportionate assets based on her income as a public servant. Even though she defended her assets as acquired during her stint as a movie star, she was convicted and served a one year prison term.  However that did not impede the success of the popular politico — not surprising given that some movie stars are idolized and worshipped akin to Gods in Southern India.

Now 68, the party, the community & even the prime minister of India are joining in the celebrations.

Her age served as the theme for the birthday celebrations — a 68 Kg Cake, 68 couples took vows to marry, 68 medical camps conducted and a stunning 6.8 million saplings planted across all the temples in Tamil Nadu.

The party leaders organized cake-cutting, along with offering prayers and distributing free food to the needy. Over 1,000 party guests were marked with “Amma” tattoos. In the streets, one could see larger than life cardboard cutouts of the lady minister with Tamil songs from her movies, in the background.