Nearly a decade since she last portrayed the effervescent Kelly Kapoor, Mindy Kaling, hasn’t entirely ruled out the possibility of revisiting her iconic character from The Office. During a recent visit to PEOPLE in 10, Kaling shared her musings on the prospect of slipping back into Kelly’s shoes and her anticipation for the upcoming spinoff series.

Reflecting on the idea, Kaling remarked, “It’s been such a long time since I’ve acted as Kelly Kapoor that I’m like, ‘Oh, I’d have to get into character’ — not to sound method. But I’m like, ‘What would she be like? At my age?'” Despite the complexities of envisioning a matured Kelly Kapoor, Kaling affirmed her openness to the idea, stating, “For that group of people, I would definitely – I’d be open to it.”

In addition to contemplating her own potential return, Kaling expressed her excitement for the new spinoff series, which was announced recently. Set to feature Domhnall Gleeson and Sabrina Impacciatore, the show has garnered Kaling’s approval. “I think it’s gonna be great,” she remarked during her interview with host Makho Ndlovu, emphasizing her confidence in the talents of Greg Daniels and Michael Koman, who are spearheading the project.

As casting for the spinoff progresses, with Gleeson and Impacciatore already on board, anticipation builds for the series set to commence production in July. The narrative will follow the documentary crew’s exploration of a struggling Midwestern newspaper and its valiant efforts to revitalize itself with volunteer reporters, promising fans another delightful office dynamic to enjoy.

Since news of the spinoff broke, various original cast members have weighed in on the development. Steve Carell, while expressing enthusiasm for the concept, confirmed he wouldn’t reprise his role as Michael Scott. “It’s just a new thing and there’s really no reason for my character to show up in something like that,” he explained to The Hollywood Reporter. However, he conveyed his support for Gleeson’s involvement, citing the actor’s talent and amiability.

Likewise, John Krasinski, another beloved figure from The Office, expressed willingness to participate if asked by Greg Daniels. Despite limited details about the spinoff, Krasinski voiced confidence in Gleeson’s abilities and eagerly anticipated the project’s success.

As speculation and excitement surround The Office’s forthcoming spinoff, fans eagerly await further announcements and the opportunity to immerse themselves in yet another captivating workplace comedy. With familiar faces and fresh narratives, the legacy of Dunder Mifflin continues to thrive, promising laughter and heartwarming moments for audiences old and new alike.