LONDON (Diya TV) — In a unanimous decision, the London Assembly has taken a significant step to address the rise in anti-Hindu hate crimes by urging the Metropolitan Police to enhance the recording and reporting of such incidents. The motion, proposed by Labour member Krupesh Hirani, emphasized the need for collaboration between the Met Police and local Hindu communities to instill confidence in reporting hate crimes.

Hirani, representing Brent and Harrow, expressed concerns over the underreporting of hate crimes against Hindus, citing Home Office figures that indicated an increase in recorded incidents across England and Wales. The motion calls for improved transparency on the Met’s website, allowing Londoners easy access to data on hate crimes against various religions in the capital.

Quoting statistics from the UK Home Office, the motion highlights a concerning rise in hate crimes against Hindus, with 291 recorded incidents in 2022-2023, compared to 161 in the previous year. The Crime Survey for England and Wales indicates that Hindus are the second most likely religious group to be victims of hate crimes.

Hirani emphasized the importance of rebuilding trust between the Met Police and London communities to encourage victims to report crimes. The motion aims to address the discrepancy between recorded hate crimes and the actual experiences of the Hindu community.

The move received widespread support from all political groups in the Assembly, including Labour, Conservative, Green, and Liberal Democrat members. Hirani’s motion seeks to rectify the absence of a specific category for Hindus in the Met’s online dashboard, where hate crimes against Jews and Muslims have dedicated classifications.