Eric Holcomb
Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb has been so satisfied with his early impressions of Infosys that he has already begun planning a visit to India for later this year.

INDIANAPOLIS (Diya TV) — Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb has been encouraged by Infosys’ decision to set up a tech center in his home state, so encouraged that he has announced his plans to pay a visit to the company’s home headquarters in India, with his high-powered trade delegation in tow later this year.

“I’m looking forward to travelling to India, probably in the fall, before the winter,” Holcomb said in an interview with PTI.

Holcomb said he views the opportunity as a prime chance to bolster Indiana’s friendship and partnership with Indian companies, he would become the first Indiana governor to visit India. His state, Holcomb said, could serve as prime real estate to IT companies viewing U.S. expansion.

“Indiana is such fertile ground (for IT companies). We have world class universities where Infosys can in fact recruit that talent right out of Purdue, Indiana University… folks who are strong in the STEM subjects, science and technology, engineering and math, right here in their backyard now,” he said.

Indiana has low tax rates and a “reasonable predictable regulatory environment so there’s real certainty when you invest in the state of Indiana and our people,” Holcomb added.