WASHINGTON (Diya TV) — Federal Communications Chairman Ajit Pai responded to John Oliver’s humorous approach to the organization’s stance on the rollback of net neutrality with a video of his own.

Pai taped a video of tweets sent about him or in his direction for IJ Review, a conservative news site, in which he read “mean tweets,” some of them inspired by Oliver’s skewering.

Some of the tweets that Pai got were racist. Among them: “Ajit Pai: Go back to Africa — were you came from.”

“Do you even English, bro?” Pai responds in the video, laughing. Pai is a native of Kansas.

Pai finished the video by drinking from a massive Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup mug. Oliver had joked about Pai’s references to the mug in his “This Week Tonight” segment.

The FCC will vote on Thursday on whether Pai’s net neutrality proposal should be put out to public comment.  It would rollback the regulatory foundation for the agency’s existing net neutrality rules.