SAN FRANCISCO (Diya TV) — India and France have deepened their ties through the signing of defense agreements and the announcement of strategic cooperation during Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to France. Despite some differences, the leaders showcased their camaraderie, highlighting defense cooperation as a fundamental pillar of their relationship. India has agreed to purchase 26 additional Rafale fighter jets and three more Scorpene submarines, building upon a previous deal. The countries also released a joint roadmap for Indo-Pacific cooperation, aligning their strategic interests in the face of an assertive China. Both leaders emphasized the importance of maintaining an open and hegemony-free Indo-Pacific region.

In addition to defense collaboration, India and France aim to expand their cooperation in various domains. They expressed intentions to work together in the fields of space exploration, renewable energy, hydrogen projects, artificial intelligence, and semiconductors. These initiatives reflect their shared commitment to technological advancements and sustainable development.

While Modi’s visit received warm reception, a small group of activists protested, accusing him of eroding Indian democracy and promoting religious discrimination. However, Modi has emphasized India’s democratic values and commitment to equal treatment for all citizens.

The strengthening of ties between India and France demonstrates their mutual interests in bolstering defense capabilities, promoting regional stability, and pursuing technological advancements. As Modi’s diplomatic engagements continue, with a recent meeting with U.S. President Biden and an upcoming visit to the United Arab Emirates, India’s global prominence and partnerships continue to expand.