NEW DELHI (Diya TV) — Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi spearheaded the first-ever National Creators Awards at the Bharat Mandapam Convention Centre in Delhi. The occasion celebrated the ingenuity and creativity of India’s burgeoning community of digital content creators.

The awards ceremony, initiated by the Indian government, aimed to empower and recognize the remarkable contributions of online creators who inspire positive change and innovation. With an astounding 150,000 nominations and 1 million votes received across 20 diverse categories, the event showcased the immense public engagement and enthusiasm surrounding digital content creation in India.

Modi, in his address, hailed the role of digital content creators as agents of change, brand ambassadors of “vocal for local” innovation, and custodians of India’s rich cultural heritage. He underscored the transformative impact of their work in shaping public discourse and driving positive societal change.

Amidst the celebration, 23 winners were honored across various categories, including Best Storyteller, Celebrity Creator, Green Champion, and more. Notable recipients included RJ Raunac for Most Creative Creator (Male), Shraddha Jain for Most Creative Creator (Female), and Kabita Singh for Best Creator in the Food Category.

The ceremony served as a platform for PM Modi to engage with the winners and commend their dedication to creating content that resonates with audiences worldwide. He emphasized the importance of addressing pressing issues such as gender equality, mental health awareness, and environmental sustainability through digital content creation.

Looking ahead, PM Modi called for a “Create on India Movement,” urging creators to leverage their platforms to share India’s stories, culture, and traditions with the world. He highlighted initiatives such as the IndiaAI Mission to harness the potential of artificial intelligence and underscored the importance of multilingual content creation in amplifying India’s global presence.